Politics Maintain Journalistic Balance by Ignoring Facts, Experts

Maintain Journalistic Balance by Ignoring Facts, Experts Hot

If you thought that the corporate media's penchant for 'balance' couldn't get any worse, you were wrong. Now it's become clear that they will deliberately ignore facts and expert opinion lest reporting any of that give the impression that journalists are 'biased' against someone. Because it's wrong to have bias, even including a bias towards reality, truth, and facts.

Greg Sargent:

Many major news organizations and neutral commentators are simply not engaging on one of the central questions at the heart of our politics right now — one whose answer contains potentially far-reaching consequences for the future of the country.

The question is this: In the view of experts, are both parties making a serious and legitimate contribution to the debate over what to do about a severe national crisis that’s causing suffering among millions and millions of Americans? Or is only one party making a real contribution to that debate?

Obama and the Senate GOP have both introduced jobs plans. In reporting on the Senate plan, many news organizations described it as a “GOP jobs plan.” And that’s fine — Rand Paul said it would create five million of them. But few if any of the same news orgs that amplified the GOP offering of a jobs plan are making any serious effort to determine whether independent experts think there’s anything to it. And independent experts don’t think there’s anything to it — they think the GOP jobs plan would not create any jobs in the near term, and could even hurt the economy. By contrast, they do think the Obama plan would create jobs and lead to growth.

Why aren’t these facts in every single news story about the ongoing jobs debate? Why aren’t they being broadcast far and wide?

Journalists working for the corporate media who don't go out to find and report on this information shouldn't be allowed to use the label "journalist" for themselves anymore. They aren't just not engaging in journalism, they are deliberately avoiding it.

If you don't provide the people with information they need in order to make important decisions, you're not doing journalism. If you're only parroting what biased parties tell you, then you're just a publisher for press releases.

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