St. Ambrose is Consecrated as Bishop of Milan

St. Ambrose is Consecrated as Bishop of Milan

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St. Ambrose (Aurelius Ambrosius) is consecrated as the bishop of Milan. The bishop he succeeds, Auxentius, was an Arian, and the divisions between Arians and Catholics in Milan are contentious at best. Although Ambrose is Catholic, the Arians accept him because of his scholarship and demeanor.

Ambrose's appointment as bishop is due to popular acclaim, despite the fact that he has no theological training and isn't even a priest. So before he can take up the post as bishop, he first has to be baptized a Christian and ordained as a priest.

Ambrose will become an important figure in the early development of Christianity because of his work in defeating Arianism — the Arians in Milan may have found Ambrose to be acceptable, but he didn't find Arian beliefs the least bit acceptable.

Ambrose also works to keep the Christian church independent of the state, a task which he has far less success with.


Which Church Father was elected bishop before he was even baptized?

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