Sermon by Episcopal Bishop Manning Interrupted Over Companionate Marriage Fight

Sermon by Episcopal Bishop Manning Interrupted Over Companionate Marriage Fight

Judge Ben Lindsey and Wife

Judge Ben Lindsey of Denver, Colorado, interrupts a sermon being delivered in the Cathedral of St. John the Divine by William T. Manning, U.S. Episcopal bishop of New York. Manning is viciously attacking Judge Lindsey and his ideas about "companionate marriage."

Lindsey would like to address the problem of rising divorce rates by creating one year "test" marriages. After one year of marriage, couples would be free to separate if they find they are incompatible. Bishop Manning prevented Lindsey from giving a lecture on marriage before the New York Churchmen's Association last week, and now he's attacking Lindsey publicly.

According to Manning, Lindsey's recent book is

"the most filthy, insidious, and cleverly written piece of propaganda ever published in behalf of lewdness, promiscuity, adultery, and unrestrained sexual gratification."

Manning also says that Lindsey's ideas are "contrary to the plain principles of Christian moralitiy" and that it's the duty of all Christian clergy "to brand it as the foul and wicked thing that it is" because Lindsey "stands openly and publicly for legalized free love under cover of the term companionate marriage."

Judge Lindsey will plead not guilty to disturbing the peace, though no charges are filed against the parishioners who call for Lindsey to be lynched.

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