Lloyd Thoren Closes America's Only Atheist Museum After Years of Abuse and Threats Hot

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Lloyd Thoren closes his Atheist Museum. Located in Petersburg, Indiana, it's been open since June, 1978, and has been the only one of its kind in North America. He intends to re-open it in San Francisco where the political and religious climate are more liberal.

"We gave it our best shot," he says about trying to run a museum dedicated to atheism in Indiana, but in the end the discrimination and violence have become too much for him and his wife to bear. According to Pamela Thoren, a little boy once approached her and said "Is it true you drink blood?"

According to Lloyd Thoren, "I really believe I'd be far better accepted if I were a leper or a murderer." When the museum first open, their home was sprayed with bullets and a cross was burned in their lawn. After that, threatening an obscene phone calls started coming in at all hours, day and night.

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