Birth of Catholic Priest and Pacifist Max Josef Metzger

Birth of Catholic Priest and Pacifist Max Josef Metzger

Map of Religion in Germany, 1892; Blue = Catholic, Red = Protestant
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Max Josef Metzger is born. Metzger will become a Catholic priest who, because of his pacifist beliefs, writes a peace manifesto against Nazi aggression and anticipating the defeat of Germany.

His own bishop, Archbishop Conrad Gröber of Freiburg, will distance himself from Metzger and express his "deepest regret over the crime" Metzger had committed. In the aftermath of Metzger's conviction, Gröber will write a letter to his priests instructing them to never do anything that might bring harm to the Fatherland and that they should instead acknowledge the "sacrifices and successes of our soldiers on the battlefield," imagining the "terrible disaster" that would come if the war against Bolshevism were lost.

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