Fifth and Final Diet of Augsburg Begins Hot

Fifth and Final Diet of Augsburg Begins

Diet of Augsburg
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The fifth and final Diet of Augsburg begins. This final Diet of Augsburg will eventually create the Peace of Augsburg, granting official recognition to Lutheranism as a religion and thus making the schism in the Western Christian Church official.

The "Diet of Augsburg" refers to all of the meetings of the Imperial Diet of the Holy Roman Empire in the city of Augsburg. The most famous of such meetings were those convened during the Reformation for the purpose of dealing with the ongoing religious and political conflicts.

The Peace of Augsburg is also known as the Augsburg Settlement and will be a treaty signed between Catholic ruler Charles V and the Protestant Schmalkaldic League, an alliance of German princes who have converted to Lutheran Christianity.

The Peace of Augsburg will formally establish the principle "cuius regio, eius religio," a Latin phrase meaning "whose realm, his religion." In other words, the official, established religion of any area is determined by the religion of the ruler.

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