Death of Jakob Spener, Founder of Pietism

Death of Jakob Spener, Founder of Pietism

Philipp Jakob Spener
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Philipp Jakob Spener dies. Spener is regarded as the founder of Pietism, a German Protestant movement to move away from legalism and instead focus on believers' personal religious experiences.

Philip Jacob Spener never participated in any of the excesses of that movement, though. Technically, he was never quite a Pietist himself, either. Spener never promoted the semi-separatist attitude of Pietism, for example. Instead his position as "founder" of Pietism is based more on the extent of his influence on other theological attitudes of the movement.

Philip Jacob Spener 's background consisted of extensive studies in philology, philosophy and history, all of which prepared him for his later religious work. Spener reacted against the general European trends towards rationalism which were being exhibited by Protestant leaders. Instead, he favored a form of mysticism and a stronger emphasis on religious experiences.

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