Pakistani Scientist Abdul Khan Admits to Spreading Nuclear Secrets Hot

Pakistani Scientist Abdul Khan Admits to Spreading Nuclear Secrets

Abdul Qadeer Khan
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Pakistani nuclear scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan publicly admits that he had illegally transferred nuclear secrets to Iran, Libya and North Korea. One of Pakistan's top scientists, Khan appears to have been acting with the cooperation of members of Pakistan's government.

He personally smuggled nuclear hardware on chartered planes, shared secret designs for the centrifuges that produce the enriched uranium necessary to develop a nuclear weapon, and gave personal briefings to nuclear scientists under the belief that greater nuclear proliferation around the world would "ease Western attention on Pakistan" and "help the Muslim cause"

The investigation of Abdul Qadeer Khan's activities will expend to include seven nations - including Malaysia, South Africa, Japan, the United Arab Emirates, Germany and Pakistan. After a written apology from Khan, President Pervez Musharraf issues a formal pardon, but Musharraf admits that he had suspected Khan for at least three years. He blames the United States for not giving him convincing proof of the activities of his own scientist.

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