Bill Requiring Schools to Display Ten Commandments Proposed in Georgia

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Charles "Judy" Poag (D) proposes bill in the Georgia legislature (HB 1207) requiring public school districts to display the Ten Commandments. Any schools refusing to create Ten Commandments displays will be penalized and perhaps even have their state funding cut off.

Another bill would permit "student-initiated spoken prayer during the school day." Teachers would be prohibited from "Participating in or actively supervising such prayer." Under this bill, a student could evidently just interrupt class with a prayer and continue the disruption for hours while the teacher would be powerless to stop it.

According to Judy Poag:

"Over my years as lawmaker, I have heard people preach and preach about getting religion out of our schools. However, when god was removed, violence and fear moved in. There is something wrong with our system when we spend so much of our time and resources to keep religion out of the classroom and yet students by the dozen are bringing guns into our schools."
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