Siricius Elected Pope

Siricius Elected Pope

Pope Siricius
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Siricius is elected pope. The vote is unanimous, even though Antipope Ursicinus — rival to Siricius' predecessor Pope Damasus I — worked hard behind the scenes to get himself approved. It is believed that before his election, Siricius was married and hand children, but he simply left them in order to take the papal thorne. What happened to them in the end is unknown.

Pope Siricius will be a strong supporter of the doctrine of papal authority. He will be the first pope to issue decrees in the same style as imperial edicts and the first to use the title "pope" in the modern sense of a special office of Rome; before this, "pope" could be used for any western Christian bishop. Siricius will command that no bishops should be consecrated without the knowledge and approval of the Apostolic See and that both deacons and priests should practice celibacy.

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