Death of Pope Paschal I

Death of Pope Paschal I

Pope Paschal I
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Pope Paschal I dies. For Paschal I, the most important issue was relations between his church and Charlemagne's son and successor, Louis I the Pious. Louis was busy expanding his empire and working to reform and better organize the Church for his own purposes.

Paschal's task was especially difficult because he had been elected by popular acclamation and without the sanction of Louis — something Paschal had to apologize for. After careful negotiations, Paschal get Louis to agree to political independence of the Roman see and surrounding territories. In 823 he crowned Louis' son, Lothair I, as co-emperor.

This symbolic act represented a new stage in relations between church and state. Through it, the pope was giving the emperor the temporal power to suppress evil and combat the worldly enemies of Christianity. At the same time, though, it established the ultimate supremacy of the church over secular leaders by saying those leaders owed their crowns and their power to the pope.

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