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Leo IX Elected Pope in Worms

Pope Leo IX
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Leo IX is elected pope in Worms, Germany, but he conditions his acceptance of the papacy that he be canonically elected by the clergy and people in Rome. He travels to Rome as a pilgrim and is greeted well, thus leading to his consecration.

A German aristocrat, he will come to be regarded as one of the most important German popes in the history of the Catholic church. Leo IX also spends quite a lot of time in Germany, traveling to synods and spending time with Germany rulers like Henry III.

As pope, Leo IX defends traditional morality and will pursue ecclesiastical reforms with an emphasis on clerical celibacy (suggesting that it was still a problem) and arguing against the practice of simony. He will also promote the doctrine of papal supremacy, disrupting relations with the Eastern Orthodox Church to a degree which led, not long after his death, to a permanent schism.

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