Innocent II Elected Pope With Minority Vote

Innocent II Elected Pope With Minority Vote

Pope Innocent II
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Innocent II is elected pope even though he is chosen by only a minority of cardinals - most had opted for Pietro Pierleoni who becomes anti-pope and takes the name Anacletus II. Innocent's friends are more powerful than the attending cardinals - he flees to France where he enlists the aid of King Lothair who, two years later, invades Italy and puts Innocent on the papal throne.

In return, Pope Innocent II will crown Lothair Holy Roman Emperor. Anacletus does not lose all support, especially among the Roman citizens, and after his death on January 25, 1138, a successor was elected. In 1138 St. Bernard of Clairvaux will persuade that successor to resign and at the Lateran Council held the following year the schism will be formally ended.

Bernard's early and active support for Innocent may in part have been because Anaceltus was descended from Jews. In return, at the Council of Sens in 1140 Innocent will support the condemnation of Peter Abelard, a theological opponent of Bernard.

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