Six Burned Alive in Spain in Auto-De-Fé for Practicing Judaism Hot

Six Burned Alive in Spain in Auto-De-Fé for Practicing Judaism

Saint Dominic Presiding over an Auto-da-fe
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The first Auto-De-Fé (Act of Faith) is held in Seville, Spain. Six men and six women are burned alive after being convicted of practicing Judaism. The purpose of an auto-da-fé is penance: accused heretics and apostates are condemned by the church then punished by civil authorities.

In the process, the condemned are given a chance to admit their sins before dying while the audience is given a chance to confront their own sins while watching others burn to death. Although today most people associate the term "auto-da-fé" with just final execution (by being burned to death), it originally referred to long, complex religious ritual involving a full Catholic mass, prayers, speeches, and of course finally death.

Preparations would have to be started as much as a month in advance and over the years tends of thousands were burned because the Catholic Church deemed them heretics or apostates.

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