Frederick Shumaker Convicted in Kansas for Vulgar Comments about U.S. Flag

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Frederick Shumaker, Jr. is tried and convicted for reportedly telling someone to make a "very vulgar and indecent use of the flag."

Kansas law makes it a misdemeanor for anyone to "publicly mutilate, deface, defile, or defy, trample upon, or cast contempt, either by word or act, upon any such flag, standard, color, or ensign [of the United States]..." Shumaker will appeal his conviction all the way to the Kansas Supreme Court and will lose.

According to the court:

"Such language will not, cannot, be used by any man in any place concerning our flag, if he has any proper respect for it. The man who uses such language concerning [the flag], either in jest or in argument, does not have the respect for it that should be found in the breast of every citizen of the United States."
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