Rolf Hochhuth's Play 'The Deputy' Banned in Private Theater in Rome Hot

Rolf Hochhuth's Play 'The Deputy' Banned in Private Theater in Rome

Rolf Hochhuth
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A private theater in Rome is prevented by the Italian government from staging a production of Rolf Hochhuth's play "Der Stellvertreter. Ein christliches Trauerspiel" (The Deputy, a Christian tragedy). The play depicts Pope Pius XII deliberating about how to respond to secret information that Germany had begun to exterminate the Jews.

Pope Pius XII decides to take the politically expedient course of not protesting or doing anything which might put Roman Catholics and the Vatican at risk. According to Hochhuth's portrayal, Pope Pius XII viewed Hitler, the Nazis, and fascism generally as a necessary protection for the Christian West against the godless communism of the Soviet Union.


Der Stellvertreter - Rolf Hochhuth

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