Russian-born Chaim Weizmann Elected First President of Israel

Russian-born Chaim Weizmann Elected First President of Israel

Chaim Weizmann
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Russian-born chemist and Zionist leader Chaim Weizmann is elected first president of modern Israel. And early and vociferous proponent of creating a Jewish state in Israel, Weizmann encourages Jews to migrate to the Palestine region for the long-term project of creating a state.

As Weizmann himself explains:

"A state cannot be created by decree, but by the forces of a people and in the course of generations. Even if all the governments of the world gave us a country, it would only be a gift of words. But if the Jewish people will go build Palestine, the Jewish State will become a reality—a fact."

Unlike many other Jewish leaders immediately after World War II, Chaim Weizmann opposes terrorism and using violence to force a creation of a Jewish state:

"Massada, for all its heroism, was a disaster in our history; It is not our purpose or our right to plunge to destruction in order to bequeath a legend of martyrdom to posterity; Zionism was to mark the end of our glorious deaths and the beginning of a new path leading to life.


The Vision of Chaim Weizmann

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