Philipp Melanchthon Born Philipp Schwarzerd in Germany Hot

Philipp Melanchthon Born Philipp Schwarzerd in Germany

Philipp Melanchthon
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Philipp Melanchthon is born Philipp Schwarzerd in Bretten, Germany. As a friend and supporter of Martin Luther, Philipp Melanchthon will become one of the most important figures in the German Reformation.

When he reaches the age of 21 he becomes professor of Greek at Wittenberg University where he first meets Martin Luther, becoming his close friend and advisor. In fact, while Luther is in confinement in the Wartburg, Melanchthon himself becomes the active leader of the Reformation. It is at this time that he publishes Loci Communes, an explanation of the basic doctrines of the Reformation along with a critique of Catholic scholasticism.

Although he will spend most of his time teaching and writing, Philipp Melanchthon also plays a major role in the theological debates between Protestants and Catholics, thus ensuring that his own views are heard and considered by all involved. Melanchthon will be the primary author of the Augsburg Confession, a document which will influence nearly every Protestant document which comes afterwards.

At the Diet of Augsburg Melanchthon will represent the Reformation because Luther will be in exile. One important difference between Melanchthon Luther is that the former will try to avoid giving offense to Catholics when he presents his positions, something which will be rarely true of Luther.

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