Birth of Robert Ley, Nazi Anti-Semitic Publisher Hot

Birth of Robert Ley, Nazi Anti-Semitic Publisher

Robert Ley
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Robert Ley is born in Niederbreidenbach, Germany. After World War I, he will join ultra-nationalist political movements and, in 1924, he joins the Nazi Party. Rising quickly in the Nazi ranks Robert Ley is made a Gauleiter of the Southern Rhineland district and soon thereafter he becomes editor of the Westdeutsche Beobachter, the Nazi Party's anti-semitic newspaper.

Because he comes from a poor, working-class family Ley is always most sympathetic to the socialist forces within the Nazi Party, but unlike others of this mindset he will survive the purges because he always sides with Adolf Hitler in any dispute.

This allows Robert Ley to become quite rich and powerful, especially once he assumes control German Labor Front (Deutsche Arbeitsfront, DAF). Embezzlement allows him to acquire even more wealth and power. He is also just about the only high Nazi official to show any remorse after the war — just before he kills himself in his cell.


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