Birth of Physicist and Philosopher Ernst Mach

Birth of Physicist and Philosopher Ernst Mach

Ernst Mach
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Ernst Mach is born in Turas, Moravia. As a physicist and philosopher, Mach's radical empiricism will lead him to argue that natural science should only concern itself with describing human sensations without regard to external causes.

In The Economical Nature of Physical Inquiry, he writes:

"The goal which it (physical science) has set itself is the simplest and most economical abstract expression of facts. When the human mind, with its limited powers, attempts to mirror in itself the rich life of the world, of which it itself is only a small part, and which it can never hope to exhaust, it has every reason for proceeding economically."

Ernst Mach's ideas become instrumental in the development of logical positivism and his 1886 book The Analysis of Sensations will be an important influence on the development of modern psychology because it describes a theory of perception which is similar to that of Gestalt psychology.

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