Anthony M. Kennedy Sworn in as Associate Justice to Supreme Court Hot

Anthony M. Kennedy Sworn in as Associate Justice to Supreme Court

Anthony M. Kennedy
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Anthony M. Kennedy is sworn in as an Associate Justice on the Supreme Court. Anthony Kennedy was nominated to the Supreme Court by Ronald Reagan as the "third choice" after the failed nominations of Robert H. Bork and Douglas Ginsburg.

The sharp criticism which these other two candidates received in many ways overshadowed Kennedy's own nomination process and his many decisions were closely scrutinized both by the Reagan administration before the nomination was announced and by the Senate judiciary committee once they received the nomination.

In some ways, however, the comparisons between him and the previous candidates were helpful. He received the highest possible recommendation from the American Bar Association and, later, a unanimous vote from the Senate Judiciary Committee. After joining the Supreme Court he will consistently follow his conservative principles, voting with William H. Rehnquist for example about 90 percent of the time.


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