Boniface III Elected Pope

Boniface III Elected Pope

Pope Boniface III
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Boniface III is elected pope. A Roman of Greek descent, Boniface III will be pope for just a little less than nine months. Nevertheless, he will accomplish a few important things - especially when it comes to the structure of the Catholic Church.

For one thing, Pope Boniface III will forbid anyone from discussing the successor to any pope both during that pope's reign and for three days afterwards. The penalty for doing so anyway will be excommunication. In addition, he will forbid anyone working towards a successor for a pope until three days after the previous one had been buried. The point of these reforms will be to make papal election as free as possible.

Pope Boniface III also manages to get emperor Phocas to declare that Rome, as the see of St. Peter, is the head of all Christian Churches. As a consequence, the patriarch of Constantinople will no longer be allowed to use the title "ecumenical patriarch" and will no longer be allowed to compete for the claim of primacy over Rome.

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