Edict of Censorship Issued in Prussia

Edict of Censorship Issued in Prussia

Immanuel Kant
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In Prussia the Edict of Censorship is issued. Designed to suppress the writings of the Rosicrucians, it will have the unfortunate side-effect of preventing Immanuel Kant from publishing or speaking out on religious matters for some time. Rosicrucianism is a mystical, religious reform movement which probably arose in Germany in the early 17th century.

Rosicrucianism is supposed to be based on documents which purport to describe the life of a Christian Rosenkreutz who supposedly lived from 1378 to 1484. According to Rosicrucians, he had brought certain scientific and occult information with him when he returned from his travels in the Far East. As a result of what he had learned, he founded the order of the Rosenkreutz (Rosy Cross) which was designed to bring people together in a sort of brotherhood which transcended traditional religious divisions.

Unfortunately, little evidence of their actual existence at the time can be found, but interest in them has grown over time and many modern groups try to claim Rosicrucian origins.


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