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Death of Pope Martin V

Pope Martin V
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Pope Martin V dies. Replacing three rival popes, his election ended the Great Schism of the West. Because the previous years had created such a scandal about the Church, Pope Martin V immediately proceeded to reestablish papal authority.

Pope Martin V decreed, for example, that no one could appeal to any body or person over the pope in matters pertaining to faith, thus emphasizing the fact that a pope was superior to any council or synod.

Martin also made extensive use of diplomacy and military might to reestablish papal authority over the Papal States, successfully putting an end to the extensive brigandage which had become entrenched while there were multiple popes fighting amongst each other. Martin was not, however, successful in reaching a greater accommodation with Constantinople or in suppressing the followers of John Hus in Bohemia (Hus had been burned to death at Constance during the same council which brought Martin to power).

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