Socialist Prime Minister of Bavaria Kurt Eisner Assassinated Hot

Kurt Eisner, the Socialist Prime Minister of Bavaria, is assassinated by Count Anton Arco-Valley. Arco-Valley's motives remain uncertain, but it is thought that he was upset at not being admitted to the Thule Society and so assassinated Eisner to demonstrate his nationalist fervor.

Kurt Eisner's funeral is held the next day but Bavarian Cardinal Michael von Faulhaber refuses to have the bells rung in morning; the fact that Arco-Valley is a Catholic may be a factor, but Eisner's socialist politics are probably more important. In contrast, Faulhaber will demonstrate little reluctance to have church bells rung whenever it demonstrates support for the Nazi government.

Anton von Arco-Valley is treated as a hero by conservatives and nationalists in Bavaria. Even his prosecutor thinks highly of his actions, saying:

"If the whole German youth were imbued with such a glowing enthusiasm we could face the future with confidence."

After he is found guilty he will be sentenced to death, but a conservative judge later reduces this to just five years imprisonment. He will serve his time at Stadelheim prison and released early, in 1924, so Adolf Hitler can use his cell after his conviction in the failed Beer Hall Putsch.


Kurt Eisner - Erster Bayerischer Ministerpräsident

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