Death of Swiss Linguist Ferdinand de Saussure

Death of Swiss Linguist Ferdinand de Saussure

Ferdinand de Saussure
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Ferdinand de Saussure dies. A Swiss linguist, Ferdinand de Saussure's work formed the basis of the modern theory of structuralism and he is considered the founder of modern linguistics. Most of his ideas are no longer completely accepted in the field of linguistics, but he continues to be influential in the humanities and social sciences.

According to Saussure, the meaning of a word is based less on the object to which it refers and more on "structure" - both the structure of the language and the structure of the statements being uttered.

Any time you choose a word, you do so in the context of having had the chance to choose other words. The meaning of the word you chose is thus based in part on its difference from the other words not chosen. All of this depends upon the social and historical structure of the language as a whoel.

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