Roman Emperor Diocletian Has Christian Church and Scriptures Destroyed Hot

Roman Emperor Diocletian Has Christian Church and Scriptures Destroyed

Theodosius I
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After learning that the pagan gods demanded the elimination of impious Christians, Roman Emperor Diocletian orders that a newly built church in Nicomedia be destroyed. He also orders that the scriptures be destroyed and any precious materials be seized.

The origin of this is an argument between Diocletian and Galerius, his son-in-law and successor. Diocletian had not been especially anti-Christian in his policies so far and believed that merely banning them from the military and government would be sufficient to deal with the. Galerius, however, wants Christianity eliminated entirely.

When the two seek advice from the oracle of Apollo at Didyma, they are informed that Apollo is prevented from providing advice by the presence of the impious on Earth. The "impious" are identified as the Christians, so Diocletian agrees to proceed with general persecution of them.

Today is the start of that persecution; tomorrow will be the official begining of the Diocletian Persecution when he issues "Edict against the Christians".


Emperors of Rome: Diocletian

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