Former Communist Party Deputy Christian Heuck Murdered in Prison by SS

Former Communist Party Deputy Christian Heuck Murdered in Prison by SS

German Anti-Communist Poster from 1918; "Bolshevism Brings Unemployment and Starvation"
Source: Wikipedia

Christiain Heuck, a former Reichstag deputy for the communist party, is murdered by in prison by the SS while serving a sentence for high treason. This act represents the direction which the German justice system under the Nazis will take: regardless of whatever sort of legal procedures and punishments might require, if the Nazis leaders decide that someone should die then that's what will happen.

Adolf Hitler began this process when he declared that Marinus van der Lubbe must be sentenced to death for setting the Reichstag fire regardless of the absence of any laws which would permit such a punishment. In that case, the Reich Ministry of Justice accommodated Hitler by passing a new law that was applied retroactively; in this case, no one even bothers to paint such a thin veneer of legal legitimacy over their desire to murder someone.

The ultimate conclusion of these developments is the mass-murder of incorrigible criminals, undesirable ethnic groups, political dissidents, and of course the Jews.

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