Israeli Treatment of Palestinians Criticized by Holocaust Survivor Hajo Meyer

Israeli Treatment of Palestinians Criticized by Holocaust Survivor Hajo Meyer

Map of the Holocaust in Europe under Nazi Germany
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Writer and Holocaust survivor Hajo Meyer criticizes Israel for its treatment of the Palestinians people, claiming that it was very similar to how the Nazis treated Jews during the Second World War. Hajo Meyer isn't the first person to make such a comparison, but coming from a Holocaust survivor the criticism is harder to dismiss.

Supporters of Israel normally reject any comparisons between the treatment of Jews in Nazi Germany and the treatment of Palestinians by Israel. On the extreme end, such comparisons are certainly invalid because Israel hasn't created extermination camps.

Short of that, however, some comparison can be legitimate because the Israeli government does act like it has a policy of removing Palestinians from Israel in an effort to "purify" the country. There are also significant problems for Palestinians when it comes to equal civil rights in Israel.

That there would be strong parallels isn't surprising because Zionism has its roots in 19th century European nationalism and the idea that there are ethnic, racial "nations" which should be gathered together in political entities. This same principle was an important starting point for the Nazis in Germany.


Hajo Meyer - Never Again for Anyone

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