Ex-Preacher Charles C. Moore Jailed on Blasphemy Charges

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After distributing a freethought newspaper in Kentucky, Charles C. Moore is jailed on charges of blasphemy. Originally a preacher, Moore abandoned Christianity after studying the Bible and failing to have many of his questions answered. In particular, he concluded that a literal reading of Genesis contradicted the findings of modern geology - and geology was much more reliable.

Over time his position developed from deism to general agnosticism to, finally, atheism. The newspaper he is jailed for distributing is his own, the Blue Grass Blade, which criticizes religion and promotes atheism.

In the issue in question Moore wrote an article entitled 'What the Blue Grass Blade Wants,' with a list of 16 demands, including:

No Bible reading in public schools;
Stop paying Chaplains out of tax money;
Churches should pay property taxes;
No more blasphemy laws;
No more liquor traffic;
Women should have the right to vote;
An international league of nations;
Publication of scientific information on sexual relations.
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