Michigan School Suspends Science Teacher For Loaning Out Religious Book

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Ring Lardner Middle School in Michigan suspends science teacher Cheril Malinowski for three days after she loans a Wiccan book to one of her students who was doing a report on herbal healing.

Personally loaning a religious book to a student implies school support for that religion and will therefore usually be treated as a violation of church/state separation. A complaint was lodged because the student who originally received the book loaned it to another student and the parents of the latter student, the Wozniaks, have stolen the book and refuse to return it.

Now, in addition to the original error in loaning the book there were allegations that supporters of the teacher have issued threats against the Wozniak daughter and others. The Wozniaks allege that the book contained information about "Satanic rituals, pentagrams, daggers for sacrifice and how to build an altar."

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