Emperors Order that Minority Churches Can Gather If They Don't Disturb the Peace

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Roman emperors Valentinian II, Theodosius I, and Arcadius decree that all those who accept the decisions of the Council of Rimini (Ariminum) and who also confirm the faith of the Council of Constantinople will be allowed to hold gatherings but only so long as they don't disturb the peace.

This decree states:

"We grant the right of assembly to those who believe according to the doctrines which in the times of Constantius were set forth at the Council of Ariminum, a faith which was also confirmed by the Council of Constantinople.

If they try to provoke any agitation against Our regulations, then as authors of sedition and as disturbers of the peace of the Church they will pay the penalty of high treason with their life and blood." [CTh 16.1.4]
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