Hitler Says that the Best of a Civilization Comes from God Hot

Hitler Says that the Best of a Civilization Comes from God

Adolf Hitler with Reichbishop Ludwig M ller

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Adolf Hitler says in a speech to the Industry Club in D sseldorf that the best of civilization comes from genius which is endowed by God while the worst is attributable to human failures and weaknesses.

According to Hitler:

"This entire structure of culture, down to its foundations and in each of its building blocks, is nothing other than the result of creative talent, the achievement of intelligence, and the industriousness of individuals. The greatest results are the great crowning achievement of individual geniuses endowed by God; the average results are the achievement of men of average ability; and the total result is undoubtedly a product of the application of human working power towards the exploitation of the creations of geniuses and talented men. ...

The situation which you see before you today is surely not the consequence of some revelation of God's will, but the result of human weaknesses, human errors, human fallacies. It is only natural that, first of all, these causes must be transformed and thus mankind committed to an internal transformation, before one can count on a change in the situation."
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