Mabel Eaton is Denied Custody of her Children Because She is an Atheist

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Robert Grosman, Advisory Master in Chancery, denies Mabel Eaton custody of her son and daughter because she is an atheist and a communist. Grosman instead awards custody to her ex-husband, Warren Eaton, so they can be "religiously trained in his faith and brought up as Americans."

Robert Grosman allows Eaton to visit her children, but it is a privilege that will be revoked if she tries to "instill her atheistic and communistic beliefs" into the children's minds.

Grosman writes:

"She frankly states that she no longer considers herself a Christian. She looks on all religion as useless and entertains the deepest contempt for that of her husband.

There is no question, to my mind, that the petitioner had permitted herself to become thoroughly imbued with communistic, atheistic and I.W.W. doctrines, even though she does not hold formal memberships in those organizations.

It is common knowledge that the principles of communism are the antithesis of those generally held by most Americans. They scoff at the belief in the Supreme Being. in the brotherhood of man, in the virtue of women, the marriage institution, as welJ as the personal relation" between parent and child.

The petitioner, of course, is a 'mistress of her own soul.' She may do with herself as she will, but she is not privileged to instill into the minds of these young children, against the will of their father, these doctrines, which she, herself, has embraced and which are looked upon with abhorrence by the vast majority of people living under the protection of our Lord."
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