Rudolf Höss Ends his Second Command of Auschwitz Hot

Rudolf Höss Ends his Second Command of Auschwitz

Rudolf Franz Ferdinand H ss at Auschwitz

Rudolf Franz Ferdinand H ss (H , Hoess) officially ends his second command of the Auschwitz concentration camp. He had returned to Auschwitz on May 8, 1944, to supervise the mass extermination of Hungary's Jews. Only H ss is trusted to be able to complete such a large operation both quickly and efficiently.

In what becomes known as Aktion H ss (Operation H ss), over 430,000 Jews are transported out of Hungary, processed, and murdered in Auschwitz. So many people are killed in such a short period of time that even H ss' expanded facilities are unable to keep up with the number of corpses and they have to burn large numbers of bodies in open pits, a disposal method he had originally rejected when he saw it being used at Treblinka.

SS-Obersturmbannf hrer (Lieutenant Colonel) H ss first commanded Auschwitz from May 4, 1940 to December 1, 1943 at which point he was replaced by Arthur Liebehenschel and made deputy-director of the organization responsible for finances and supplies of the SS.

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