Edwards v. Aguillard: Requiring Schools to Teach Creationism is Ruled Unconstitutional

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Decided: Edwards v. Aguillard U.S. District Judge Adrian Duplantier rules that Louisiana's law requiring public schools to teach creationism is unconstitutional. Passed in 1981 but never enforced because of legal challenges, schools that teach evolution are required to also teach creation science for the sake of balance.

Judge Duplantier writes:

"Because it promotes the beliefs of some theistic sects to the detriment of others, the statute violates the fundamental First Amendment principle that a state must be neutral in its treatment of religions. ...

Whatever 'science' may be, 'creation' as the term is used in the statute involves religion, and the teaching of 'creation science' and 'creationism' as contemplated by the statute involves teaching 'tailored to the principles' of a particular religious sect or group of sects."

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