Anti-Semite Christian Social Workers' Party Founded by Adolf Stoecker Hot

Anti-Semite Christian Social Workers' Party Founded by Adolf Stoecker

Adolf Stoecker
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Adolf Stoecker, court preacher for Otto von Bismark, founds the Christian Social Workers' Party. This is effectively the birth of modern political anti-Semitism because a key platform of Stoecker's party is to boycott Jewish businesses in favor of German businesses.

Baptism is regarded as unable to change a Jew into a Christian, and important step towards transforming traditional Catholic anti-Semitism, which is supposed to be wholly religious in nature, into modern racial anti-Semitism.

The name of the Party, "Christian Social," is actually an anti-Semitic message which is commonly missed today. The party is describing itself as "Christian," thus opposed to Jews on traditional religious grounds, and "Social," thus opposed to Jews as powerful financial interests who oppress the working man (giving us the final part of the party's name).

Few anti-Semitic political parties actually use a variation of the term "antisemitic" in their names; instead, most used Christian, Social, Socialist, German, and Nationalist, all of which are well-understood code words.

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