U.S. District Judge Rules on FFRF v. Faith Works

U.S. District Judge Rules on FFRF v. Faith Works

FFRF vs. Faith Works

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Decided: FFRF vs. Faith Works — U.S. District Judge Barbara Crabb of the Western District Court of Wisconsin rules that grants to Faith Works constituted "unrestricted, direct funding of an organization that engages in religious indoctrination" and, hence, were unconstitutional.

Judge Crabb writes in her decision:

"Defendants neglect to point out that they used the integration of religion into Faith Works' recovery model as a strong selling point for obtaining funding.

The governor chose to fund Faith Works from his discretionary funds because of its unique holistic recovery model and the extended length of the program. Faith Works won the Department of Corrections grant in part because of its unique long-term, faith-based approach to drug treatment.

Faith Works cannot now try to excise religion from its offerings, saying that it contracted with the state to provide the wholly secular services of room and board without any reference to religion. This assertion rings hollow in light of the literature Faith Works provided the state.

Taking into consideration Faith Works' daily activities as well as its faith-based approach to drug treatment, I conclude that the Faith Works program indoctrinates its participants in religion, primarily through its counselors."

Decided: FFRF vs. Faith Works

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