Cardinal Piazza Rejects Racial Anti-Semitism, But Not All Anti-Semitism

Cardinal Piazza Rejects Racial Anti-Semitism, But Not All Anti-Semitism

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Cardinal Adeodato Piazza of Venice delivers a sermon for the Feast of the Epiphany and argues against racial anti-Semitism, but at the same time defends and justifies non-racial anti-Semitism. This sort of anti-Semitism has long been traditional in the Catholic Church.

Cardinal Adeodato Piazza explains:

"To say simply that the Church protects the Jews, is to assert what is not true; for the Church, properly speaking, protects by divine mandate only the freedom of its universal mission, which is to communicate its supernatural good to each and all.

To say that the Church is today setting itself in opposition to its past is similarly an anti-historical and arbitrary assertion: the Church has never engaged in racial battles and could not have done so without renouncing its origins, its goal, its divine mission.

It is true that it had to defend itself as well as its faithful, and not rarely, with the means it had at its disposition, against dangerous contacts and the Jewish invasion, which seems in truth the hereditary mark of this people.

But one must also recognize, if one does not wish to lie, that in the reactions too often provoked by Jewish arrogance, one may find, in the Church, suggestions and examples of balance, moderation, and Christian charity.

The Church, above all, has never ceased to pray in order to hasten the final conversion of the Jews, and its hopes are not in vain: there are souls that go by this path toward sincere union with Christ."

Piazza is thus rejecting racial anti-Semitism, but he's not rejecting anti-Semitism as such. On the contrary, he offers strong justification for the necessity of anti-Semitic measures through history - justification which he doesn't seem to think have disappeared.

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