Start of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

Start of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

Warsaw Ghetto Uprising - Photo from J rgen Stroop Report to Himmler from May 1943
Source: Wikipedia

The single largest revolt of Jews during the Holocaust begins in Jewish ghetto of Warsaw, Poland. German officials had been deporting Jews out of the ghetto for some time, claiming that they were simply moving people to resettlement areas to the east. Jews learned, though, that people were actually being transported to extermination camps.

Up to 300,000 residents of the Warsaw Ghetto had been killed in Treblinka by the end of 1942. Rather than wait and hope for the best, some - only a few hundred - organized a resistance movement to stop the transports or die trying.

Ultimately German forces were too large and too well armed for the Jewish fighters to resist, but they fought for nearly four months.

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