Vatican: Equal Rights Makes Jews Uppity, Creates Antisemitism

Vatican: Equal Rights Makes Jews Uppity, Creates Antisemitism

St. Peter's Square, Vatican City
Source: Wikipedia

L'Osservatore Romano, the Vatican's official newspaper, runs a story insisting that Christian hatred of Jews is due to Jews living evil lifestyles after receiving equal civil rights.

According to the author, having been granted equal rights in secular states, Jews

"sought to lead a life that [they] absolutely could not, abandoning [themselves] recklessly and heedlessly to that innate passion of [their] race, which is essentially usurious and pushy. This, in turn, aroused and magnified a thousandfold the natural aversion that the Christian peoples have for the deicide people."

It can be assumed that articles such as this, printed in the Vatican's official newspaper, accurately reflect the sentiment of Pope Leo XIII at this time.

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