Episcopal Convention Rejects Proposal to Recognize Same-Sex Marriages

Episcopal Convention Rejects Proposal to Recognize Same-Sex Marriages

Bishop Jack Iker

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During its General Convention in Philadelphia, the Episcopal Church rejects a proposal to recognize same-sex marriages but does agree to apologize for "years of rejection and maltreatment by the church."

The loss is by a very small margin, though, so supporters of same-sex marriage hope that the issue can be revisited soon.

Instead of approving of same-sex marriages, conservative and liberal bishops vote together to approve a resolution to study and make recommendations on "theological aspects" of committed same-sex relationships.

Bishop Jack Iker of Fort Worth, Texas says:

"It prevents the church from taking precipitous action of developing rites for same-sex unions.

We think if the theology is thoroughly studied, the recommendation will be not to go ahead."

Iker is one of four diocesan bishops who are so conservative that they even refuse to ordain women.


Episcopal Bishop Opposes Gay Marriage Repeal

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