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Stephen of Blois Abandons Siege of Antioch

Stephen of Blois
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Stephen of Blois, son-in-law of William the Conqueror and father of a future king of England, takes a large contingent of Franks and abandons the siege of Antioch after he hears that Emir Kerbogha of Mosul with an army of 75,000 is drawing near to relieve the besieged city.

On his way, Stephen of Blois also convinces Byzantine Emperor Alexius I Comnenus not to proceed with his own army to Antioch to help the Crusaders, telling Alexius that they are all as good as dead and nothing can be done for them.

This leaves the Crusaders in even worse shape than they were, though despite this they will still manage to take Antioch for themselves. Later this month, the Crusaders in Antioch will also defeat Kerbogha's relief army, despite having only around 15,000 tired and half-starved soldiers.

Stephen of Blois will return to England without ever having fulfilled his Crusader vow of reaching Jerusalem. His wife, Adela of Normandy and daughter of William the Conqueror, convinces him to return on a minor Crusade in 1101. He will be killed at the Second Battle of Ramla in 1102.

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