Death of Reactionary Pope Gregory XVI

Death of Reactionary Pope Gregory XVI

Pope Gregory XVI
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Pope Gregory XVI dies. Born Bartolomeo Alberto Cappellari to an aristocratic family, Pope Gregory XVI was a Camadolese monk and had been the Vicar-general of the Camaldolese order. He was also the last monk to be pope.

Gregory XVI was a very reactionary pope who opposed all aspects of modernism and liberalism in matters of religion, philosophy, and politics. Pope Gregory XVI even went so far as to ban railroads within his region of authority because he perceived them as a dangerous invention of modernity.

Gregory XVI also did not permit any sort of internal dissent and punished H.F.R de Lammenais, a French priest who founded the newspaper L'Avenir (The Future), because his writings promoted ideas such as the separation of church and state, religious liberty, and freedom of the press.

Pope Gregory XVI also fought reforms of the papal government and tried to further centralize authority. His policies and style of administration were so extreme that they helped push the people living in the Papal States into open revolt, something he was only able to suppress with the aid of the Austrian military.

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