Barman Declaration Indirectly Criticizes Portions of Nazi Ideology Hot

Barman Declaration Indirectly Criticizes Portions of Nazi Ideology

Adolf Hitler in Nuremberg, 1935

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Detractors from the Barmen Declaration, a statement indirectly criticizing some portions of Nazi ideology in defense of traditional Christian orthodoxy, argue that it doesn't leave enough room for God's revelation through history, race, and nation.

These are all critical components of the German Christian movement.

According to the Ansbach Counsel:

"The unchangeable will of God meets us in the total reality of our life as it is illumined by God's revelation. It binds the natural orders to which we are subject, such as family, nation, race."

It goes on to thank God that "he has sent the Führer as a 'pious and loyal lord' to our Volk in our time of need and that he will create in the National Socialist state a community of breeding and honor."

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