Mitt Romney Leaves for Missionary Work in France Hot

Mitt Romney Leaves for Missionary Work in France

Mitt Romney, 2012

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Mitt Romney and seven other young Mormons depart from Salt Lake City for France where they will spend thirty months as Mormon missionaries.

Early on he lives in cramped quarters with other Mormon missionaries, a big change from the wealthy accommodations he's grown up with, but by the end of his time in France he will be assistant to the mission president in Paris, the highest-ranking position a missionary can achieve, and live in palatial rooms.

One of the things Mitt Romney comes away with from his time in France is a renewed commitment for the need to preserve "social order." He is an eyewitness to the May 1968 strike and uprisings and doesn't sympathize with the students; instead, he concludes that greater controls are needed to prevent similar breakdowns in the social order form occurring again.

Mitt Romney also frequently debates French citizens about Vietnam. France has already pulled out and many French people believe that America shouldn't be there, either, but Romney is a firm supporter of the American war — even though he avoids being drafted and going over himself. Thus in practice what he supports is other young men going to Vietnam, fighting, killing, and possibly dying.

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