Constantine the Great Exempts Catholic Clergy From Compulsory Service Hot

Constantine the Great Exempts Catholic Clergy From Compulsory Service

Emperor Constantine the Great

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Constantine the Great decrees that only orthodox clergy in the Catholic Church can enjoy exemptions from compulsory service, not priests in heretical sects.

According to Constantine:

"The privileges granted in consideration of religion must benefit only those who adhere to the Catholic faith.

Heretics and schismatics must not enjoy any of these these privileges; instead they shall be bound and subjected to compulsory public services." [CTh 16.5.1]

The history of Christianity is the history of attempts to maintain control of what people believe and suppress heretical movements. This is of particular concern to the early Roman government because dissent in the official state religion will lead to dissent in the state itself — and that will not be tolerated.


Emperor Constantine's conversion to Christianity

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