Boniface II Crowned Pope in Rome

Boniface II Crowned Pope in Rome

Pope Boniface II

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Boniface II is crowned pope in Rome. This consecration comes five days after Boniface was elected to the papacy and, on this same day, an antipope named Dioscorus is also consecrated.

Dioscorus had been elected overwhelmingly by the priests of Rome and could complicate the papacy of Boniface II, but he only lives for another 22 days.

Pope Boniface II was elected largely for political reasons. He is the first-ever German-born pope and is favored by the Gothic king Athalaric, grandson of and immediate successor to Theodoric the Great.

The record on the reign of Pope Boniface II will be mixed and not much is known, but he does confirm the decisions of the Council of Orange. One of the most important of them is the teaching that grace is always necessary for a human being to obtain salvation, contrary to the teachings of some Pelagians.

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