Siege of Xerigordon - 6,000 Germans Surrender to Muslim Force

Siege of Xerigordon - 6,000 Germans Surrender to Muslim Force

The defeat of the People's Crusade
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Siege of Xerigordon: A group of about 6,000 Germans (Lombards, Longobards and Alemanni) from the Peasants' Crusade under the command of Reinald surrenders to a Muslim force of around 15,000.

The siege has lasted for eight days, and the Crusaders have no water supply whatsoever. They only captured the fort of Xerigordon three days before the siege began and intended to use it as a base for pillaging Turkish villages.

Everyone is given a choice: execution by beheading or conversion to Islam. Those who convert in order to avoid being beheaded are subsequently sold into slavery, probably in Syria, and never heard from again.

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