Saladin Attacks Portion of City Wall at Siege of Jerusalem Hot

Saladin Attacks Portion of City Wall at Siege of Jerusalem

Jerusalem Walls, 1956

In his siege of Jerusalem, Saladin attacks a section of the city walls near the Mount of Olives. There's no gate in the wall here, so it's arguably stronger, but the lack of a gate makes it much harder for defenders under Balian of Ibelin to mount counter-attacks.

This section of the wall was already been subjected to bombardment on previous days, and today Saladin successfully mines a portion of it, causing it to collapse. At this point the Christian defenders recognize that their situation has become untenable and decide to reopen negotiations with Saladin in order to surrender.

Saladin is reluctant to accept the surrender of the city, but when he realizes that the city walls are still too strong for him to enter in force, he decides to take the easier route of a negotiated settlement. Balian of Ibelin is even able to convince him to agree to generous terms for letting the Christians of Jerusalem leave.


Saladin Takes Jerusalem

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